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The Wedding Registry

So last week Ruth and I got married. It was a really great day. We asked our guests, instead of giving us stuff, to fund us to do a thing, visit a place or have an experience somewhere in Australia on our year-long honeymoon road trip. And boy did you guys deliver!

Registry Locations

Above are all the places we have been funded to visit or do something.

Ruth and I have our own places we want to see of course, and they look something like this:

Yes that includes all the whisk(e)y distilleries in Tasmania ;).

If you click

You will find an interactive map with all of the places on it AND our rough plan of how we think we might accomplish it all in a year.

Now I am off to learn how to embed google maps into a blog post....

The adventure begins soon!

Ruth & Adam

Foraging for Vegan Treats

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