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Blog 15: New South Wales - Tuncurry to Byron Bay

This weeks blog is bought to you by phlegm, cough and tissue. Being sick on holiday SUCKS!

A short one this week:

After spending a couple of days of high quality beach and sunshine time in Tuncurry, we needed to keep heading north to get to Byron Bay (well, Tyagarah really) for Bluesfest which starts on Thursday this week - pretty excited!

Bridgey between Tuncurry and Forster.

Adam thinks of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 - Venice Beach level. But really it's Forster.

Heaviest bird that can still fly and Ruth's mum's favourite

We stopped off for lunch in Port Macquarie. Painted dimension stone (yes, that is the correct engineering term) on the sea wall adjacent to the Town Beach Park made for a kind of outdoor exhibition, somewhere between graffiti, primary school painting, public art and memorial. Further north for our next stop on Tuesday night - Coffs Harbour.

Lunch park at Port Macquarie


Wednesday was a wander along the river into Coffs Harbour proper for a coffee at a cafe, a meander through a clever historical timeline installation, along the jetty to geocache number 21. A bus back to our digs and then the rain settled in.

Jetty and Muttonbird Island

Such different rain to Perth. No large Wave Cyclone (also a correct scientific term) settling in for this town. Thunderstorms of alternating deluge and sunshine, deluge and sunshine, deluge and sunshine. Along with a rather annoying head cold for Adam. Congested AF.

We settled in hiding from the rain (and Adam being not particularly functional) and doing craft project while Adam recovered. Ruth made a delicious butter tofu dish (using this recipe swapping chickpeas for tofu).That pretty much takes us through to this morning (Sunday). Adam is still struggling but we managed to pack up and drive up to Byron Bay. On the plus side his voice is just perfect for singing this song. Some time during our convalescent sheltering we had our hundredth day on the road.

Big Puddles


Yummy protein balls

Rain = Food. Protein pancakes!

Vegan Butter Tofu (Like Indian Butter Chicken)

We drove right by the place with all the pretty dresses without Ruth buying anything, through the town proper where everyone was dressed much cooler than us (and no one wears bike helmets because HEAD INJURIES ARE AWESOME!). First impressions: Everyone in this town is too cool for school. Hopefully we will have a wander around tomorrow and see if the vibe is legit, or plastic.

Also, can not stop this song going through my head every time I think of Byron Bay (Except dad playing singing it, not the original), what a tune! So it ain't all bad.

Next post will be from BLUESFEST!!!!!

All our love, none of our germs,

Adam and Ruth


Statistics Update:

Days on the Road = 104

Distance Driven = 11 582 km

Mean Distance per Day = 121 km

Mean Fuel Economy = 13.87 L / 100 km

Best Fuel Economy = 12.17 L / 100 km (Port Lincoln to Port Augusta)

Nights Free Camping = 30

Nights in Roof Tent = 91/103

Coffees Purchased = 42

Instagram Posts = 301

Instagram Followers = 178

Geocaches Logged = 21

Gary Breakdowns = 0.1

Drone Flights = 2

Videos Made = 0

French Land Rover Drivers Scared = 1

State or Territory Borders Crossed = 7

Bucks Parties Accidentally Crashed = 1

Vegan Vanilla Slices Eaten = (Adam 2, Ruth 1)

Times Set Up Camp after Dusk = 1

Chairlifts Not Used = 1

Waves Returned by Tasmanian Land Rover Drivers = 2

Cups of Tea Made for Strangers = 1

Rounds of Lost Cities Played = 65

Longest Continuous Sleep in Roof Tent = 11 hours

Gary Oil Changes = 1

Blood Donation Dates = 1

Sick Days = 4 (Adam 4, Ruth 0)

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