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Bonus Blog: The Story of Our Wedding Day

This is the story of our wedding day. The images that go with the story are valuable to us, and as such we ask that you do not download, edit, repost or digitally redistribute them anywhere else without our permission. Printing them for your own use is okay. Look at them here as much as you like! It was such a wonderful day and we feel so blessed for those who came to share it with us. We hope our guests had a good night enjoying the fabulous vegan food, booze and cake! We sure did! Thanks to all our guests for honouring our mobile phone free wedding, it’s lovely not seeing phones in our photos plus seeing you all interact like the beautiful humans you are.

On with the story… The Preparation After a little eHarmony flirting, we had our first date at a Tapas Bar in Leederville on the 30th of November 2012. It seemed appropriate that our wedding day should be the 30th of November 2017, exactly five years since we met. On a road tripping adventure of Tasmania in March 2014 we found a jeweller we really liked and had them create an engagement ring for Ruth. The waiting for the ring to arrive was fun - we had a special secret that made us very happy but didn’t want to share it until the ring arrived. On a wet and stormy Wednesday night in May, the ring had arrived, the question was asked correctly and Ruth agreed. We grabbed a couple of bottles of Tasmanian Sparkles and drove in The Beast (the Land Rover before Gary) to our parents houses to share the good news. That night we had a late dinner at the same restaurant as our first date and returned home full of the shared joy of our families. Three and a half years was a long time to be engaged. But we enjoyed it. Long slow planning of the wedding meant there was no stress or hurry to madly organise things at the last minute. It also meant we could spend our time doing many things ourselves and save a bit of money. Ruth spent seven months crocheting her wedding dress (inspired by Isa Catepillan and a girl who crocheted her own wedding dress during her work commute on the train). She also created all the stationary, dried lavender and rosemary from Nana Seabrook’s garden, upcycled picture frames into chalk boards, hand poured candles and hand cut and dyed the napkins. Adam helped too.

We managed to convince our very excellent wedding photographers to fly out from Canada to capture all the images you see below. They had a baby in between booking our wedding and the day - so they bought her with them.

Our parents provided some very appreciated financial support for the day and also played a big part in the ceremony and preparation for the day. Ruth's mum Pauline made the very awesome vest Adam wore, and matching ties and pocket squares for the groomsmen. Adams dad Jeremy managed all the sound and MC duties, as well as playing our first dance song.

There are more special thanks below. If you helped and we forgot you - sorry! Let us know and we will add you in.

On with the story... The Day On a crisp and mild Thursday morning in spring, we awoke together - none of this not seeing each other nonsense for us. Adam went and did a morning yoga session, Ruth exercised some of those nerves away and before we knew it we were in the car on the way to our respective parents houses to get ready for our Wedding Day.

Ruth met up with her bridesmaids Alyssa and Lynsay for priming, pampering, hair and makeup before being chauffeured by Will to Hyde Park for the ceremony. Photographer Shari arrived during the preparations to capture some of the moments getting ready.

Adam drank a couple of beers with groomsmen Aden and Adam, swam in the pool and generally tried to relax before the big afternoon. Photographer Mike arrived during the getting ready time and joined the young gentlemen in an Uber to the park.

Ruth arrived at the park and walked with her father Barry to a special song.

Together under the spring sun we exchanged vows and rings in front of a small native garden. Adams uncle Ned and his friend Steve officiated the ceremony.

Then we kissed! (and high fived also)

We returned down the aisle to showers of (biodegradable) rose petal confetti (thanks Sally!)

The newlyweds with Ruth's father Barry and mother Pauline.

...and with Adam's father Jeremy and mother Kylie.

..and Grandma Daphne Davies (who still has the dance moves!)

The wedding party wandered around Hyde Park for some photos under Moreton Bay Figs.

Yep, that's us.

And the Jacarandas stayed in bloom just long enough to get us some photos.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of kissing :)


We stopped by Swanbourne for some photos with our cats. Maple enjoyed it more than Paisley.

Then we had some more photos in the old part of Fremantle.

That... dress.

What a handsome man.

Our guests at the wedding reception enjoyed some vegan antipasto while waiting for us. Ruth made the menus, flower bundle place cards, napkins and candles. Ruth, Sally and Lindsay did all the flower arranging.

We arrived to another great song!

Mingling and eating followed.

Two very special ladies. Grandma Daphne Davies and Nana Fay Seabrook.

We cut the cake.

We had our first dance to a song performed by Adams dad Jeremy and good friend Ian.

There were some wonderful heartfelt speeches, then our friends band played.

...then more dancing.

And new mother-in-law hugs.

And they road tripped happily ever after.

There are heaps and heaps and heaps (952) of photos. Over the next few weeks we will send some out to individual guests as we have time. Special Thanks Thank you to everyone involved who made our wedding day everything we dreamed of!

To Aden Date the best best man who flew from Tanzania to be here, and be step dad to our cats while we road trip. And putting on an epic bucks do for Adam. To Ruth’s Brother (Adam) and girlfriend (Lauren) who flew from USA to be here. To our Matron of Honour - Alyssa Campbell, thank the universe you were here to share this day with us, and for putting on beautiful hens do on for Ruth, with Lynsay Minors. And looking amazing in your frocks! To our amazing photographers who flew from Canada (with their baby and parents in tow) to make our day memorable in years to come. Shari and Mike. We love your work! To The Raw Kitchen for sharing the amazing space and cooking us delicious vegan food and alcohol to help celebrate. Your staff were seamless on the day. To our celebrants - Uncle Ned Davies and Steve Cowan. For a beautiful ceremony and making all this legal. Lindsay and Sally for being our bespoke flower designers the day before. Sally for the hand made earrings, for collecting and drying our rose petal confetti. Lindsay for Ruth’s “something borrowed” belt, for being our Polaroid photographer and the loan of your vase! To our park set up crew - Kirsty, Ayesha and Grant. And Cindy for the loan of your white table. To our reception set up crew - Sally, Patrick, Cara, Lea and Ash. To Barbara for gifting us the vases. Will - our very dapper mini bus chauffeur, for getting us around town. Danielle, Alex, Ewen and Dee for coming over from Canberra.

...and anyone else we have forgotten.

THANK YOU! Vendors Rings - Metal urges Hair - Elegent Edge Make Up - Make me Beautiful Jane Cake - Carina’s Kitchen Lighting - BBSP Chairs in the Park - Design a Day Hotel - The Lodging Groom - Shirt (Myer), Pants (Myer), Vest (handmade by the mother of the bride), Jacket (Gazman), Shoes (Bourgeois Boheme), Belt (Veganwares), Tie, pocket square & cufflinks (ebay). Bride - Crochet Dress (hand made by the bride), Shoes (Swedish Hasbeens), Earrings (Sally McBride designs), Belt (Carla Zampatti, borrowed). Bouquets and Flowers - Everbloom, arranged by Sally McBride & Lindsay Hauswirth Stationary - Made by the bride. Table Decorations - candles, napkins, guest book (made by the bride). Bridesmaids - Dresses (Victor Bridesmaid), Shoes (Novo) Jewelery (Lovisa), Robes (Cotton On) Groomsmen - Suits (Ferrari), Shoes (their own), Ties and Pocket Squares (hand made by the mother of the bride).

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